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Based in Galashiels, in the picturesque Scottish Borders, Boleside Educational Psychology is easily accessible from Edinburgh and the Lothians by rail or road.  Alison Smith is a chartered educational psychologist with over twenty years experience working for a local authority. Now working independently, Alison offers a friendly and confidential service providing impartial educational psychology assessments for children, young people and adults. 
Alison is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and the BPS (British Psychological Society) and all assessments and advice adheres to their ethical and professional codes of conduct. Alison is a member of the PVG scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups).
Why choose an educational psychology assessment?
An educational psychology assessment can be helpful for many reasons. As a parent or carer it can be worrying when your child is not making as much progress at school as expected.    A comprehensive assessment can help you to understand  why they find some things difficult and can give you ideas on the best ways to help them learn.  For the child it can be reassuring to know there is a reason why they find some things difficult and that the adults in their life have an understanding of this and are going to help them.
The findings from educational psychology assessments can be used as  evidence to support an application for assessment arrangements in SQA exams and reasonable adjustments for students in further and higher education. Reasonable adjustments, for example, the provision of additional time, are also available to those  taking  professional and occupational entrance and qualification test procedures (e.g. health professionals, civil service, fire and police). 
There are many adults who have unidentified specific learning difficulties which may be preventing them from achieving their potential. An educational psychology assessment can provide a clear profile of strengths and difficulties and identify  dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties. The written report will highlight reasonable adjustments which can be made in the workplace.
Educational psychology assessments can be carried out either in your own home, often preferable for younger children, or in Galashiels. A full assessment will take no longer than three hours, usually considerably less,  although it can, if required, be completed over two sessions.  Detailed reports with advice and recommendations are completed within two weeks of the assessment.
Assessments for children, young people and adults
  • Profile of strengths and difficulties
  • Assessment of dyslexia (from the age of 8 years)
  • Assessment of specific learning difficulties including Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia 
  • Assessment of difficulties with language and communication, processing speed, working memory, attention
  • Identification of possible indicators for  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Dyspraxia
  • Evidence to support requests for SQA assessment arrangements
  • Evidence to support DSA (Disabled Students' Allowance) application
  • Evidence to access support and reasonable adjustments in further and higher education
"Alison put me at my ease immediately and was professional and organised. I would highly recommend her services"    Adult, 27
"I'd highly recommend Alison for anyone looking to have their children assessed. Alison was professional, approachable and friendly, who put my daughters and myself at ease"   Parent
"Alison's sensitive approach, well written report and assessment made all the difference to getting the right support for S. She is now so much more confident and knows how to get the help she needs when she wants it"  Grandparent
Fee structure
A full educational psychology assessment, including a detailed report with advice and recommendations, costs £450.  There will be no additional fees for home visits which are within eighteen miles of Galashiels.
For more information please call, text or email
mobile: 07926 670625
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